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Busy busy!

I’ve been so busy it’s been impossible to blog. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been training. 

For the past three weeks I’ve been meeting with my personal trainer at Smart Bodies Personal Fitness in Marlton (the photo above is from their gym). I go to two different trainers, depending on the day, and for 30 minutes they lead me through a full-body cardio and strength training workout. And I already notice a bit of a difference. Wish I had taken a “before” shot, but I’ll do that soon and take “after” shots once I get to where I want to be. 

My goals with training aren’t necessarily to lose weight — in fact, I’m steering away from making that a goal, given my history and how discouraging that can get. For now, I’m at a steady 145 but have more muscle tone than before. If I lose weight, that’s excellent, but it’s not the primary goal. What is? To gain muscle tone, to strengthen my arms and firm up the flabby bits, to make my legs strong enough to carry me 10 miles and to lose about 5% body fat. 

I love the workouts I get at the training center because they’re personalized to my level and always different. The exercises aren’t something I’m used to either; they’re always targeting muscles in ways that I don’t normally do on my own. The exercises are also tweaked to it works more muscle groups than just one — like doing a Warrior 3 type post while doing tricep kickbacks with one arm.

Typically the session goes like this: 

  • 5 minute warm up on treadmill at a 5% incline to loosen and warm muscles
  • First set of 3-5 exercises. Yesterday the first set was: using overhead TRX suspension straps to put resistance in your arms and balance with your core (like this), do lunges with the back leg up, 15 reps each side; squat on BOSU and work core to gain balance, holding a 10 pound bar, twist whole body side to side as you lift the bar up, 10 reps each side; using resistance bands, squat down and extend arms forward, then do 15 tricep kickbacks using straight arms; on a padded mat, stand up straight then bend at the hips and walk your hands out into plank position (you can see a video this here), do a push up and walk back to standing position, 12 reps. 
  • Repeat the first exercise set one more time. 
  • Move to second set of 3-5 exercises. Second set yesterday: using resistance band (attached to wall) on one arm, slowly punch forward and twist body, 15 times each side; using TRX suspension straps, lean back on heels and do a sort of butterfly pull 15 times; do 10 box jumps (box was approximately 8 inches high) and squat each time you get on the box; do 10 side lifts on each side, with top arm raised on the air, do 1 minute of plank. 
  • Repeat the second exercise set one more time. 
  • Done! Get some water and go home. 

Through my job, I get to attend sessions there twice a week. If I keep this up, in addition to yoga and running, there will be more visible results very soon. I’m finding that I go to yoga class a lot less now, since I prefer going to training on Monday and Wednesday and that’s when the evening yoga classes are scheduled. My running has been falling behind, but that doesn’t worry me a huge amount since I’m still being active. 

Overall though, I need to pair this with better nutrition! The faster metabolism because of my exercise means I’m starving all the time, but this weekend I ate nothing but garbage, pizza, beer and junk food. While it’s ok to have one of those weekends every once in a while, but I’ve used up my quota for a while. :)

    Needing motivation

    Feeling less invigorated and confident and more sleepy and self-conscious the past few days. Those feelings weren’t helped by a visit to the mall yesterday, where a snobby store clerk ignored me and then said they didn’t have anything in my size — a women’s 8. I find that hard to believe, but whatever, snobby clothing lady.

    It’s especially hard to find clothes that fit, since I’m both petite and curvaceously pear-shaped. Oh well. One of my new year’s resolutions is to enjoy my body and only wear clothes that fit properly, no matter what the size is. That also includes ridding myself of all the clothes that don’t fit — the ones I’ve been holding on to in the hopes I’ll one day be a 2 or a 4 again. I think it’s healthier to just enjoy what I have and stop trying to be something I’m not. 

    For all my griping yesterday, my mother said she thinks my butt and thighs look inches smaller. I disagree. The scale has stayed steady at 145lbs, but I am seeing a bit more muscle tone throughout my legs. 

    This week was decent, as far as exercise, but I haven’t run since last weekend. There were a few yoga classes and a Saturday morning spin class with my friend Jen, but I need to step it up! Only 5 more months until Broad Street, after all…

    This week’s plan:

    Today - Run 5k training session (I might do two days’ sessions in a row if I feel like I can), vinyasa yoga at 7:30

    Tuesday - Spin Class at Sweat, 6:30-7:30 (either in Queen Village or Filter Square location). Will arrive at our evening book club smelling so nice. 

    Wednesday - Rest day. Date night with boyfriend! Already planning on the healthy dinner we’ll have at Seasons 52 (a restaurant where all items have fewer than 475 calories)

    Thursday - Weights and Run 5k session 

    Friday - If I can get out of work in time, there’s a weird “Piloxing” class at my gym. It sounds like some trendy bs, a combination of pilates and boxing, but it’ll add something different to my workout and that’s a good thing. 

    Saturday - 9 a.m. spin with Jen at Sweat

    Sunday - Rest day. Meeting with friends.