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"When Kate Webster hits the trail, it’s just her and her pounding heart. For the 26-year-old, there’s no better feeling than finishing a good long run. Except maybe motivating others to run with her.

'I plan my days around my workout schedule, not plan my workouts around my days,' she says. 'Some may say I overdo it, but it’s just because I am so passionate about it. … Fitness is my priority.' “

Here’s the story I wrote about healthy exercise habits and what can happen if you go overboard. Not my favorite article I’ve ever written, but there are many different perspectives on the issue: from an awesome young exercise enthusiast, from a medical/clinical view, from a hypnotherapist who works with exercise addicted clients and from a local personal trainer. Featuring some quotes from Fit Freak 4 Life, one of my favorite exercise Tumblrs.

I recently interviewed a fascinating young woman from the area, for an article in my magazine about fitness and exercise addiction.

She quips: ”There are so many things you can’t control in this world, but you CAN control the way your body looks.  If you make fitness a passion you will never stop. It becomes a part of life, and fitness is my life.”

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