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Woah. Met my first weight goal! 13 pounds down from last year. :)

Don’t mind the swollen looking feet. I’d say they don’t always look like that…but I’m a runner. They totally do.

A friendly reminder that your weight does not define you. 

Let me repeat that: your weight. does not. define you.

I usually can’t stand “lady magazines,” but this month’s Woman’s Day had some interesting stories and recipes for summer grilling. This woman’s story about losing 120 pounds (and then running the Philadelphia Marathon!) had a few choice quotes:

  • "Tackle one new healthy habit each week. Overhauling everything at once can be overwhelming and too hard to maintain. Focusing on one issue at a time helped my changes become long-term habits."
  • "I learned a sobering statistic: a child of an obese parent is 50% more likely to be obese. … That’s when it dawned on me: how can I expect [my infant daughter] to eat vegetables if I don’t eat them?"
  • "[Weight Watchers] meetings helped me see that I was using food as a way to deal with my emotions, so I decided to try exercise as a stress reliever instead"

 Hope you’re all having a good weekend! I’ve had an awfully rough week with work and family issues so I haven’t done anything active at all. Considering it my “rest week” after Broad Street, but my body is really antsy for exercise!

The Fat Trap


Interesting long-form journalism on how our bodies actively resist weight-loss. A worthy read, and not just for the dieters among us.

I find this so fascinating!