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Back on My Feet is an organization combining two things I hold very dear: running and social impact.

It also follows one of my core beliefs: that running can be — and truly is — for everyone. Regardless of health, race, gender, ability, age or socioeconomic status, running isn’t an exclusive club. All you have to do is do it. 

The BoMF story began in Philadelphia (!!) and was started by a marathoner with a mission to empower people who are homeless — and get them back on their feet. I found this inspiring video because it popped up on my Twitter feed — usually I browse right over sponsored links, but I’m glad I didn’t this time. 

I’m used to seeing these runners going up and down Kelly Drive, but never thought to pitch in. Now I’m considering FundRacing for them next year for my next marathon. Hmm… 

What’s it like to be America’s fastest marathoner? A tiny bit like this.

At the New York Marathon this year, Asics brought out a specially made treadmill, that only goes as fast as elite marathoner Ryan Hall. The challenge: see how long you can hold an Olympian’s pace.

Says Runners World: “The treadmill, which includes a safety harness, is set at 12.6 MPH, or 4:46 per mile, the average pace Hall ran at the 2011 Boston Marathon. His finishing time of 2:04:58 that year is the fastest marathon by an American runner.

LOVE! Who among us hasn’t put the treadmill all the way to the highest speed, just for a second, just to see what it feels like?


Scott Jurek Ultra Maratonista. Vegan since 1999.

I was feeling frustrated by the usual garbage on the Internet this morning, and then I watched this video.

Humans can be amazing sometimes.

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Reverse gender stereotypes at the gym. Do you even lift, ladybros?

Love this song and it’s definitely going on my running playlist.

Amy Poehler, hero to smart girls and ladies everywhere, talks to a 16-year-old triathlete about training, nutrition and goals.

Oh Amy, you beautiful tropical fish.

Running releases more than just sweat.