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Oh, look at that. A photo from my “today’s lunch” page showed up on my dash with 1500+ notes…but from another blog. Huh.

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Today’s lunch: two cups mixed greens, baby carrots, two radishes, sweet corn, crunchy bean sprouts, grilled haloumi and a little bit of pesto. Lots of texture and color today!

Today’s lunch: holy rainbow of fruit. The dean bought me this big container of fresh cut fruit at one of the food trucks outside the university. This is actually a small size, just $3.50.

I know it’s not a balanced meal, but it just tastes so gooooood. I ended up eating this throughout the afternoon and a kale salad too. Breakfast was another one of those tomato/vegetable Naked Juices, which I’m loving but noticing they’re very salty. Decided to purchase a blender today so I can start making smoothies and shakes on my own.

Today’s lunch: grilled chicken, tomato, basil and mozzarella sandwich, with iced tea from Cosi. Chose the lighter option and the whole grain bread. I’ve really been cutting carbs during the week, but after burning nearly 800 calories before 8 a.m. I figured why the hell not. Tomato juice for breakfast definitely didn’t cut it.

Today’s lunch: an assortment of things. It’s too hot to eat anything other than liquids, hence why I’ve already downed a latte, 20 oz bottle of plain seltzer and this bottle of pureed tomato & fruit from Naked Juice. It’s part of their new “Power Garden” line with no added sugar and just juiced vegetables with a little fruit. Nice, since I tend to avoid bottled drinks like this because they’re sugar and calorie bombs. But this is reasonable and has tons of fiber and vitamin A, C and B6. Tastes a little like gazpacho. Would recommend for breakfast on the go.

I also packed this salad, though haven’t dug in yet. Mixed greens and kale, with green bell pepper, sliced radishes, blueberries, carrots, raisins, milled flax seed powder, a tiny bit of leftover crunchy quinoa and a bit of pesto dressing. Super weird combinations, but if you put pesto on anything I’m guaranteed to think it’s amazing.

Today’s lunch: Sweetgreen! My favorite. Made a salad with kale, tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumber, roasted tofu, mixed seeds and a lime vinaigrette. Going to skip the free bread that came with it. Got an AMAZING strawberry limeaid too, because its 90 degrees out and I’m wearing business clothes. #yolo

Seriously need to stop buying food though. Meal planning! Make it happen, self!

Today’s awesome lunch: local greens, strawberry, sautéed zucchini, edamame and carrots, grilled haloumi and pesto. So good.

Today’s packed meals:

- oatmeal with chia seeds, dried cranberries, smooth organic peanut butter and walnuts for crunch.

- salad with spring mix & kale, smoked tofu, edamame, corn, red pepper, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, flax seed blend and a little olive oil.

- snack of a RawRev sample bar (raw organic chocolate coconut energy bar thing, courtesy of Consmr)