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Today’s lunch: Damn that makes for a pretty snow day afternoon. Huge salad with baby spinach, edamame, cranberries, cucumber, roasted red pepper, cashews and Dijon dressing.

Today’s lunch: homemade potato leek soup, and a mixed green salad with black beans, corn, red peppers, radishes, heirloom yellow tomatoes and carrots.

Antidote to a snow day: eat your colors. #todayslunch = romaine lettuce, purple tomatoes, red pepper, radish, cucumber, dried cranberry, pumpkin seed & pistachio granola, and lemon-chia seed dressing. Not much protein, but on the plus side there’s more room for a hearty dinner.

I feel like I should start doing the “Today’s Lunch” section again. If only so it keeps me honest about what I’m eating and steers me away from sad desk lunches.

So today: baby spinach salad with celery, tomatoes, avocado, tuna and EVOO with lemon, and a small slice of focaccia bread. Nice and fresh on a dreary Friday. I’m also really into Honest Teas right now — especially the Moroccan Mint Green Tea — which taste delicious and aren’t very sweet.

Today’s lunch: lolla rosa and tango lettuces, raw edamame, sliced radish, carrots, half an avocado, sesame seeds, black pepper and a lime-chia seed dressing.

Today’s lunch: spinach, arugula and kale with 1/4 of an avocado, a bit leftover grilled pesto chicken and leftover sautéed peppers and zucchini. No dressing, just some salt and pepper.

Putting last night’s dinner to good use. That’s a glass of chia fresca on the side before the seeds were really saturated.  

I feel like I’ve been a little too indulgent the past two weeks and need to change that. Back to grilled chicken and lots of veggies, cutting back on carbs. But don’t you dare try to take my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches or iced coffee away. That’s just cruel. 

Today’s lunch: two cups mixed greens, baby carrots, two radishes, sweet corn, crunchy bean sprouts, grilled haloumi and a little bit of pesto. Lots of texture and color today!

Today’s lunch: an assortment of things. It’s too hot to eat anything other than liquids, hence why I’ve already downed a latte, 20 oz bottle of plain seltzer and this bottle of pureed tomato & fruit from Naked Juice. It’s part of their new “Power Garden” line with no added sugar and just juiced vegetables with a little fruit. Nice, since I tend to avoid bottled drinks like this because they’re sugar and calorie bombs. But this is reasonable and has tons of fiber and vitamin A, C and B6. Tastes a little like gazpacho. Would recommend for breakfast on the go.

I also packed this salad, though haven’t dug in yet. Mixed greens and kale, with green bell pepper, sliced radishes, blueberries, carrots, raisins, milled flax seed powder, a tiny bit of leftover crunchy quinoa and a bit of pesto dressing. Super weird combinations, but if you put pesto on anything I’m guaranteed to think it’s amazing.