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Where people run in Philadelphia: a beautiful map using Runkeeper data.

Check out FlowingData for more maps of running routes across America.

Back on My Feet is an organization combining two things I hold very dear: running and social impact.

It also follows one of my core beliefs: that running can be — and truly is — for everyone. Regardless of health, race, gender, ability, age or socioeconomic status, running isn’t an exclusive club. All you have to do is do it. 

The BoMF story began in Philadelphia (!!) and was started by a marathoner with a mission to empower people who are homeless — and get them back on their feet. I found this inspiring video because it popped up on my Twitter feed — usually I browse right over sponsored links, but I’m glad I didn’t this time. 

I’m used to seeing these runners going up and down Kelly Drive, but never thought to pitch in. Now I’m considering FundRacing for them next year for my next marathon. Hmm… 

This weekend I clocked my 700th mile on Runkeeper over almost exactly a year and a half. 500 of that was covered by running, the rest by cycling, hiking and walking. It felt like a pretty decent milestone, even though it came after a particularly painful training run: just 6 miles, but my left knee felt like it couldn’t handle any weight by the end.

I saw this rainbow at the end, though, and it was a welcome sight. Double rainbow all the way! What does it meaaaan???

Remember that beginner 5k group I talked about a few weeks ago? There’s still time to sign up!

The six-week, 12-session course starts this Tuesday and costs $50 for City Fitness gym members and $75 for member of the public. That breaks down to just a few dollars per session and will include guided group runs, weekly motivational emails and optional weekend field trips to run on Kelly Drive or get fitted for shoes at Philadelphia Runner.

It’s going to be great. Everyone is welcome! However, I would recommend this class for people who are already somewhat active or who have been working out in some capacity 2-4 days a week, but aren’t very experienced runners yet.

To register, visit or call the Northern Liberties gym and mention the running group. You can ask for me or Jeff Quinn, though you may be asked to leave a message. You can reserve your space over the phone and make payments that way as well; otherwise, we can take your payment on Tuesday if you arrive about 20 minutes early. 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I’m getting really excited.

Recaps galore!


Yesterday I ran my second half marathon, the most challenging race I’ve done to date. It was two hours and twenty minutes of being in my own thoughts, climbing hills, beautiful scenery and searing hip flexor pain.

But now after a somewhat decent night’s sleep, a handful of Oreo cookies and a rose-flavored bubble bath, I’m (mostly) recovered and looking forward to the future. Yesterday was a humbling experience and one that incited many rambling, internal conversations during those long 13 miles. I look forward to recapping the race, but first…I should probably explain how I got here.

Below are recaps of the races I did this spring, minus the ODDyssey Half. I know I’ve been extremely backed up on my blog, but at least now I’m mostly caught up.

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Race Recap: Broad Street Run 2013

The Broad Street Run will always hold a special place in my heart. Last year, it was my first big race and a huge, momentous achievement for both me and Mikey. We ran every step together and finished hand in hand.

While my partner saw it as sort of like the end of a long journey, for me it just solidified how much I love distance running and competition. Over the course of the next year, I worked harder, trainer better and pushed myself to compete in tons of races. The 2013 Broad Street Run was to be my big achievement. I had worked for it all year. And I was ready.  


Just a quick jaunt down to the Naval Yard with 38,145 of my closest friends.

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Race Recap: Gener8tion Run 8k


The Gener8tion Run was my first 5 miler! I love this distance and wish there were more opportunities to race at this level. It doesn’t require the time commitment of a 10 miler, but is a bit more challenging than a 5k. The same goes for 10k races, which are few in Philadelphia. 

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Race Recap: The Zombie Run


It wasn’t even 7 a.m. yet, but there I was, covered in blood. 

Fake blood, that is. A makeup artist had skillfully transformed my blank face into a gnawed, bloody zombie snack in less than 5 minutes. To my right and my left, other excited participants were getting done up with gloppy red wounds, bruises and a general skin tone that implied rotting. It was awesome.

This was all part of The Zombie Run, a new traveling 5k that launched in Philadelphia and is now making its way around the country. The enterprise was developed by two local university students and promised an immersive movie-like experience with an apocalyptic storyline to tie everything together. I was invited to join in the event for free after writing previews on Geekadelphia. With my recent love of The Walking Dead and willingness to jump into almost any race, I figured why not?

This time, I was on the other side however. Participants can choose to be a runner or a member of the undead. Zombie hordes have their makeup done by local professional haunted house staff, and are then set off throughout the course to hunt and attack the runners. I mean…steal their “life balloons.”



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