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Just finished my third Phillies 5k, joined by Mikey, Jess and Kevin!

With everything going on in my personal life, I’m so pleased to have taken the time for this race today. I ran happily, on light legs, with my family on my mind with each step. It was a chilly morning that suddenly became sunny and beautiful toward the end — exactly what I needed this weekend.

I maintained right around a 9 minute pace during this race, and carried nothing but my Garmin Forerunner 10. It’s been an adjustment, trying to run without music or my phone, but I do feel lighter and like I pay less attention to my pace or distance this way. 

This is an expensive 5k, but I love seeing so many friends here each year. It holds a special place in my heart as being the first race I did back in 2012 — I remember being very nervous and unsure whether I could even finish a 5k. Also severely under-dressed for the below freezing weather.

This year was somewhere in the low 50s at the startEveryone in our group was able to achieve our individual different goals (finish and not walk, maintain a specific pace, PR, etc), which rarely happens but is wonderful when it does. And Mikey did that annoying thing where he doesn’t train at all and then does a fantastic job anyway, finishing about a minute faster than last year’s time. Grrrrr. Now on to brunch!

Finish: 27:47, 8:50/mile pace

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[I wrote this post on the subway heading home from the race and come back to add more details later. Time management!]

Insanely beautiful work by Brian DiCola at NoKaOi in Philadelphia. So psyched to have my European Starling complete! My gift to myself for completing a marathon and a life dream.

Biz to cas in two minutes flat. Running home from work!

Got a solid five miles in today.

What a great race! The Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10k is one of my favorites this year. Mikey and our friend Pete ran as well.

I was surprised by how strong I felt, despite knee/ankle pain flare-up. Could have pushed way harder but I tried to play it safe to avoid injury again. My splits are mostly even and stay within the 9-minute range.

The race began on the New Jersey side of the Ben Franklin Bridge, went up and over toward Philadelphia and then turned around. That covered the first half of the race. The rest was spend within the university/waterfront section of Camden. A mostly flat course, with one small hill at mile 5. It was a cold day, but as usual I run very very hot so wearing a track jacket was overkill. When will I learn the right balance of race clothing? 

Overall, very happy! 

My splits:

1 mi: 9:43
2 mi: 9:04
3 mi: 9:09
4 mi: 9:24
5 mi: 9:37
6 mi: 9:15
.2 mi: 9:24

Race Recap: Steamtown Marathon 2013

In a way, I didn’t want to write this story. Because after spending this entire year working to this moment, this pinnacle, I don’t want it to be over just yet. I want to just stay in that moment and not let it go.  

My first marathon. It didn’t feel like running for five hours by myself. At least, until the end. The first hours felt like flying.

The Steamtown Marathon was a simple choice for my first. The course runs through the town where my grandmother was born, raised and lives now. Her house is just steps from where the runners go by, and I spent many chilly October mornings with my grandmother and sister watching my dad at the 1 mile mark. 

This was my dad’s first marathon too, just a month before his 40th birthday. He finished that first one in 4:18:18. He qualified for Boston here too, five years later, knocking off more than an hour from his finishing time. 

So that was part of my motivation too. He and I had planned to run this race together, but circumstances have kept us apart. He’s been away since May, getting well and wishing me well from afar. But he called me the night before the race, and I wrote his name on my knee tape in the morning. “So it’s your fault if they give out on me,” I said.

The morning of the race, I woke up easily from bizarre dreams: I forgot I was supposed to be running, and stopped at mile 18 to go hang gliding; it took me seven and a half hours to finish because I got lost; the finish line was through a highway toll booth and I forgot to bring my EZ-Pass; I didn’t see my family the entire time. 

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Steamtown Marathon official time: 5:00:04. 11:30/mile.

The first 20 were a breeze and all around 10 minute miles. The last six felt like another 20 all over again. I’ll write a full recap when I get a good night’s sleep. :)

This is what a PR looks like. 

Now I’m just seven seconds from my 2013 running goal.

Part of my physical therapy this summer involved balance work. Balancing on one foot. Balancing on a BOSU. Balancing on the other foot. Balancing while throwing a ball. Balancing and trying to squat.
My poor balance and lack of hand-eye coordination has always been a subject of much teasing. Sometimes I joke that running is the only sport I can handle — all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, for a long time, and not fall down. Easy.
But I wasn’t aware that there are many factors at play here. I have loose ankle joints, which makes me more susceptible to sprains. My knee cap tracks to the outside, giving my knee instability and causing bone to rub on bone (the source of this summer’s forced rest and *20* early-morning PT sessions). And my right leg is much stronger than the left. Quads, hamstrings, IT band, glutes, all of it is unbalanced. 
No wonder I fall down so much. 
As a result, yoga became a welcome break when I wasn’t allowed to run. It grounded me but also forced me to keep working on those balance poses day by day.
During a recent class, I managed several inversions and frog pose for a least…a few seconds. Totally impressive. 
Notice anything special in these photos above? Aside from the cat. And the fact I’m not falling. The kind folks at Athleta sent me some lovely new gear to celebrate Yoga Month and their “#ShareYourOM” campaign. You can see all the pictures on their Facebook! It’s great to see so many different women from across the country sharing their stories. Many shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.
I bought a comfy hoodie that gets TONS of wear and bright purpley-pinkish-fuscia textured yoga tights. I’ve only used those twice so far, but it’s good to add to my rapidly overflowing workout drawer.
I was invited to share what my “OM” means to me and this is what I said:
My favorite way to spend a night is making a quick dinner, heading out for a sunset run through the city, and then straight home for a yoga session to cool down and relax before cuddling on the couch. That’s my OM: trying hard not to worry about work or chores, and just focusing on what makes my body sweat, stretch, bend and balance. And being appreciative of our home environment where I can do that.”
A little cheesy, but what I mean is that I love being able to exercise and that I’m grateful my body can do these things. And I’m also grateful that my home, the one we’ve created, allows me to pursue these things too. Also snuggles. Those are fun. 
What about you?