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It’s a day of work hard, treat yourself, work hard, treat yourself.


First, I got a snazzy manicure after the completion of a hellish project at work (we finished Tuesday and I was supposed to redeem a complementary massage that evening, but was only duped by marketing. But that’s a story for another day. Egads!). This was a lovely treat, though. Gorgeous color! “I’m Not Really A Waitress” by OPI. 

Now I’m feeling pretty great after this evening’s run. I’ve been working my way through a Couch to 5k program using the free Run 5k app. I accidentally clicked to Week 3 instead of Day 3, but it wasn’t all that difficult. The 28 minute sessions go quickly and it’s helpful to have a voice prompt over my playlist, though after suggestions from a pro, I’m going to need to be wary of getting dependent on my gadgets during workouts. 

This evening was perfect weather to be outside. Running in our neighborhood is tricky, since it’s all hills and cul-de-sacs with abruptly ending sidewalks. It’s cheating a bit, but I alternated this session by doing the running cycles on flat or downhill areas and went uphill during the walking cycles. I only ran two miles but it felt good and that’s the point. Eventually I’ll get to a faster pace (currently between 11 and 13 minutes per mile, but I’m not trying for speed). 

The other treat-yo-self part? My go-to after workout meal: beans cooked in olive oil, avocado, soy sauce and a sunny side up egg. 

This weekend I’m looking forward to spin class on Saturday and yoga on Sunday, followed by brunch with some fun ladies.