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Four Keys to Healthy Running!

The owner of Fusion Cross-training presents a helpful video on form. Just remember: length, lean, lift, relax and practice, practice, practice!

More info on the Be Well Philly Blog.

polymath wants a cracker: Bad Form Made Good


Cloth swallowing and contorted, bare chested and bearded, the yogi held his poses, twisted into knots, wearing billowy pants secured by a rope. That strange looking man doing strange looking things in black and white photos, filled an instructional book that was my introduction to yoga…

An excellent essay by my dear friend Jess, who sweated through anusara with me the other night. Here she examines the importance of good form in exercise, particularly yoga poses. Proper form makes all the difference between injury and sustainability! 

I’m learning when I prefer anusara and when I prefer vinyasa, depending on how my body feels. These are generally the only types of yoga I’ve been able to experience, with variations based on whichever instructor is leading the class. Anusara is great, but only when my body feels strong (the morning is best) and when the instructor has the right attitude. Vinyasa can be challenging, but I have a tendency to use poor form if the instructor flows too quickly. It’s been interesting visiting different classes and instructors and styles across three different gyms and seven instructors: ones who bark orders, ones who fly through vinyasas like wildfire, a woman who loves inversions like crazy, ones who have pushed me to try balance pose after balance pose, even an instructor who came around to each member of our 8-person class, gently pressing on our shoulders during shavasana with scented lemongrass lotion. 

Wednesday’s evening class wasn’t my favorite, but that could be for a variety of reasons and I’m open to trying new styles in the future. 


chair pose x 3.

These are great suggestions! Click the photo for ideas to improve balance.