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myheartnflesh asked:

Hi there! I feel you. Gym memberships are expensive!

To stock up my “home gym” I went to cheap store near me (like 5 Below or even Kohl’s) and bought a few tools that helped. A yoga ball, yoga mat and two sets of moderately heavy weights (like a set of 8, 10 or 12 pound dumbells) can be purchased for less than $30 in all.

Using those, you can do exercises on your own like:

  • various crunches 
  • arm exercises
  • tricep dips against a table or chair
  • jumping jacks
  • some solo boxing (jab, jab, cross, jab, jab, upper cut, repeat x a million)
  • Don’t discount plain old sit ups and push ups too! 
  • Yoga yoga yoga. It’s harder than you think.

One of my favorite at-home resources from Gaiam, which publishes a huge series of yoga videos available for free on YouTube. Check it out! There are literally hundreds of free videos you can do in the privacy of your own room.

The Firm videos are also part of that program.

I would recommend checking out sales at Target or similar stores, since workout DVDS can be found very cheaply. Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD is $9 on Amazon right now.

Four Keys to Healthy Running!

The owner of Fusion Cross-training presents a helpful video on form. Just remember: length, lean, lift, relax and practice, practice, practice!

More info on the Be Well Philly Blog.


chair pose x 3.

These are great suggestions! Click the photo for ideas to improve balance.