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REVIEW: Unite Fitness/Fusion Heart Muscle Mind


For months, I kept seeing early morning foursquare check-ins to this place. “I’m at Fusion. Heart. Muscle. Mind.” it would say, taunting me as I struggled to crawl out of bed. Somewhere in the Gayborhood**, a horde of ambitiously fit people were already mounting stationary bikes or warming up the incline on their treadmills before I’d even managed to take off my pajama pants.

I’ve been to half a dozen classes at this studio at 12th and Sansom, which recently rebranded as Unite Fitness. Founded by (total hottie) Gavin McKay, the studio touts its philosophy of exercising the heart, muscles and mind, embracing a comprehensive fitness regimen that focuses on cardio intervals, functional strength training and yoga stretches all in one 75-minute class.

Positive messaging is all part of the brand, with additional coaching available in the form of nutrition info, personal coaching and even an intense multi-week boot camp. The classes here help motivate me during summer training, forcing me to push myself as hard as I could at each interval segment.


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Four Keys to Healthy Running!

The owner of Fusion Cross-training presents a helpful video on form. Just remember: length, lean, lift, relax and practice, practice, practice!

More info on the Be Well Philly Blog.

Super sore today as well. Last night I met with a trainer — not my normal one, but a new sub — for 40 minutes. It was the typical 4 set workout (3-4 exercises per set, each whole set done twice) but I liked the variety and new elements the new guy brought to the table.

Peaks: Owner of the gym came over and told the new guy, “Hey, make sure you push her, she trains really hard.” What an ego boost. And he did, which is why my arms are on fire today from lifting such heavy weights.
Pits: I gained more pounds, now 147. My stomach looks flabby to me and my lower abdomen sticks out.
Peaks: That’s likely added muscle or water weight from my cycle or something.
Pits: I still have a ways to go before I’m really confident and content with my self image. After all these years, it’s still hard.

Long run tomorrow with boyfriend! Supposed to be very pretty out.