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Time for an update! Popped in to my favorite running store and got this year’s version of my Nike Structures.

Also bought my long-awaited 26.2 magnet and learned how to do a “lace lock” so my heels don’t move as much.

How gorgeous are these? A slow start to the year but I’m looking forward to throwing myself wholeheartedly back into training.

Two photos from the past day. I miss Italian food and can’t bring myself to eat like I normally do…the antipasto was my favorite. Last night’s dinner was rather unimpressive plate of cheese and cold cuts with bread and grapes, which I ate while I edited some photos (followed by toast with peanut butter, not pictured). Actually not so bad! Just enough that I felt full. 

The other photo makes me sad! My cat accidentally ripped a hole in my favorite running tights with her claw. What’s the best way to fix it? Just sew it up with black thread? I don’t want the hole to get any bigger, especially since these are my favorite and were quite expensive. I’d wear them every day if I could.

Things I Bought That I Love

Taking a move from Mindy Kaling and decided to blog about some recent purchases that make me happy. 


NIKE Tech Capris. First up, I finally purchased legitimate running tights! These black capris are great for a curvy girl like me, are lightweight but sturdy, and don’t make my butt feel like it’s out there jiggling in the open. Convenient zippers and pockets too. Will have to take a better photo of me wearing them and share it, since the photos online don’t do justice.

Previously, I used almost exclusively the Wunder Under Crop from Lululemon; warm and comfy, but they’re made for yoga and I tend to overheat when running. Wore these tights for a quick three-mile run on Wednesday and they were great!

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix. Trail mix is so dangerous. I keep a bag of this in my desk drawer at the office and will likely just polish it off in less than two weeks. I say dangerous, because that can add up to considerable calories quite quickly. It’s got peanuts, raisins, almonds, sour cherries, dark chocolate covered raisins, as well as dark and white chocolate pieces. Great for midday snacks and the sweet pieces keep me from going to get something more unhealthy. 


100% Australian Tea Tree Oil from Desert Essence. Purchased a small bottle of this at Wegman’s and it’s been used every single day. I’ve had poor skin my whole life and nothing — not medications, birth control or any sort of expensive Proactiv-like system — has helped.

But incorporating this clear, antibacterial oil to my routine over the past month has really made a difference. Just a quick swipe across my face at night (if you have sensitive skin, dilute with a teeny bit of water or moisturizer) and a drop or two mixed into my concealer in the morning. I feel more vibrant and my skin definitely looks healthier. 

The Food in Jars cookbook! My lovely friend Marisa is a big-time famous food blogger. Her first cookbook based on her blog Food in Jars just came out this week. And let me tell you, it’s more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! Would highly recommend checking out her blog and purchasing this cookbook if you’re interested in learning how to can or preserve.