Figured it was time for an update to this post from six months ago that keeps getting crazy reblogs on all the fitness Tumblrs.

After seeing so many teenagers write about the first two pictures, I wanted to chime in once again. 

If you don’t know me, you may not know that I spent about 10 years of my life dealing with disordered eating. And after I graduated college, it got worse, but in the opposite direction. Not a good scene. 

I don’t weigh myself anymore, but I’m willing the bet the scale hasn’t changed much at all in terms of numbers over this past year. What has changed? My entire life. I eat better. I sleep more. I drink more water. I exercise and enjoy being active. I run. I box. I lift heavy shit. My mind and body actually craves the various activities. We don’t even own a scale.

And of course, I’ve gained plenty of muscle — and perspective. That accounts for so much and I wish I could go back in time and tell my poor college self everything I’ve learned in the past few years.

Back then all I ate was salad and prepackaged vegan foods and was generally not very happy. At all. Skip ahead a few years and I was equally unhealthy but eating whatever the hell I wanted while living with a pair of unhealthy dudes. Now there’s balance. A beer with dinner but a delicious salad for lunch. A homecooked meal for dinner with my fiance (that includes dessert, natch) after running a few miles when I get home from work. Quinoa all up in everything. Learning how to balance — and separating food from my emotions — has made a big difference.

It feels good man. Sure, whatever, taking pictures of myself is vain. Keeping this blog is vain. But if it helps me, or even one other person, be happier with themselves then I’m happy. It’s perfectly OK to be proud of yourself.

(Also: I’ve seen a lot of very sad young ladies on Tumblr who are struggling with similar issues that I went through. If you need someone to talk to who’s been through it and come out the other side, you’re welcome to send me messages at any time.)

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