I had the opportunity to try out Gaiam TV’s extensive collection of online fitness videos this week, including some very interesting instructional yoga classes. My favorite was this one by instructor Kathryn Budig, which helps “demystify” some classic and challenging poses. Since my final new year’s resolution was to complete a headstand, I knew I had to do this one.

I’ll have a full recap and review of the Gaiam TV system on Monday but for now, here’s a preview of one of their videos…and then my terrible attempt at a headstand. Warning: this is really awkward. And embarrassing. For me. Maybe for you, for watching it.

I don’t normally do yoga in a sports bra, but this was after a long hot run. And I’m trying really hard to be positive and not care about how others may perceive my body. 

Her approach to an unassisted headstand is unlike what I’ve been taught before, but it seemed like a good start and was somewhat easy to follow right up until I needed to bring my legs up straight. Unfortunately for me, I just didn’t have the coordination to get it down. But there was progress! The benefit of recording this is that now I know exactly what I was doing wrong and can actively correct my posture and hand placement in the future. I might not try this method again — too challenging — but it was great to try something new.

On the bright side, this morning I did a headstand against the wall of my bedroom and held it for about a minute. Not bad!

P.S. I’d like to personally thank my boyfriend for making me a sweet new logo for the website. And for tolerating my many many awkward attempts at yoga throughout our apartment, even though he doesn’t get it. 

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