Fitness with the family is so fun. After tonight’s run, I joined my six year old brother and parents in the basement for a few rounds of Wii bowling. Says the little guy, “Sissy, do you know if you do Wii bowling you can get exercise? But if you do real bowling you get more.”

Truer words.

And then he pranked me with his whoopie cushion.

As for tonight’s run, it was a continuation of the Run 5k program (now onto week 4) and I can see how some of this is going to be a real struggle. I forget that at the end of this program I’m not going to have run 5 whole miles, but 3. Based on how absolutely tonight felt, a chilly 2-mile outdoor run in our very hilly neighborhood, 10 miles seems damn near impossible. I’m certainly going to try.

It’s funny; I’m learning that I prefer and perform well during guided classes, whether yoga or spin or cardio. It’s just easier with someone leading you; out on the road tonight it was just me, my blinky safety light and a battle in my head about whether to give up and go back inside. Though I was cramping in the cold after 3 minutes, the right music helped me push through — in this instance, the embarrassing LMFAO song where I can sing “look at that body, ah ah ah I work outtt” to myself. It’s an instant kick starter. What’s your embarrassing workout song?

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