Just finished my third Phillies 5k, joined by Mikey, Jess and Kevin!

With everything going on in my personal life, I’m so pleased to have taken the time for this race today. I ran happily, on light legs, with my family on my mind with each step. It was a chilly morning that suddenly became sunny and beautiful toward the end — exactly what I needed this weekend.

I maintained right around a 9 minute pace during this race, and carried nothing but my Garmin Forerunner 10. It’s been an adjustment, trying to run without music or my phone, but I do feel lighter and like I pay less attention to my pace or distance this way. 

This is an expensive 5k, but I love seeing so many friends here each year. It holds a special place in my heart as being the first race I did back in 2012 — I remember being very nervous and unsure whether I could even finish a 5k. Also severely under-dressed for the below freezing weather.

This year was somewhere in the low 50s at the startEveryone in our group was able to achieve our individual different goals (finish and not walk, maintain a specific pace, PR, etc), which rarely happens but is wonderful when it does. And Mikey did that annoying thing where he doesn’t train at all and then does a fantastic job anyway, finishing about a minute faster than last year’s time. Grrrrr. Now on to brunch!

Finish: 27:47, 8:50/mile pace

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[I wrote this post on the subway heading home from the race and come back to add more details later. Time management!]

Insanely beautiful work by Brian DiCola at NoKaOi in Philadelphia. So psyched to have my European Starling complete! My gift to myself for completing a marathon and a life dream.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m trying really hard to love myself as well as I love others. Every day is different, and sometimes it’s a struggle to be kind to myself.

But self love is an important gesture.

So today I encourage you to be kind. Even if it’s one thing, find something about yourself that you love and own it. Write your own self a mental love letter. Even if you want change, make peace with who and how and what you are right now.

Love yourself like you love your very best Valentine. Because you’re totally worth it. <3

Yoga tanks with some sass. 

I think “I am enough” is going to be my new mantra.


Everyone in the office is getting delicious food truck burritos and I’m just sitting here. #todayslunch

Lazy Eye Harcharek needs to work on her muscle definition. But overall I’m not mad at this. :)

Where people run in Philadelphia: a beautiful map using Runkeeper data.

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